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    coffee break, ad, coffee

    The vending machine helped facilitate the institutionalization of that most venerated America tradition, the coffee break. In fact the phrase was the 1952 invention of the Pan American Coffee Bureau.

    dona ramona, shamanism

    The bitter-tasting peyote cactus, famous for its visionary and medicinal powers, has long been the sacred drug of many North American Indian tribes. Mescaline is its active agent.


    In 1860 British mycologist Mordecai C.

    magic circle, by john william waterhouse, 1886

    In early medieval representations, witches were often idealized as beautiful women; later they were more often portrayed as naked, sensual creatures or as crones.

    anais nin

    Before the 1950's, psychedelic research was performed almost exclusively with mescaline, the active agent of the Native American sacred cactus peyote, and mainly concerned the drug's startling visual


    Agave schnapps
    Many in Mexico say that tequila is erotic and is the strongest aphrodisiac of all the schnapps: "if drinking alcohol," it is said there, "then drink tequila!"


    Culturally, the poppy is considered one of the most significant plants with a long history.

    Image retrieved from orangejuiceblog.com on July 26th, 2014.