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    Pasteur, wine, health

    In 1863 the French Emperor Louis Napoleon asked the great chemist Louis Pasteur to study the “maladies” of wine. Three years later, Pasteur published the landmark Etudes sur le vin.

    wine bottle, cork, wine,

    Cork is the outer protective layer of an evergreen oak, Quercus suber, that is native to the western Mediterranean. Where most tree bark is fibrous, cork is composed of tiny air cells.

    Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Ninkasi, beer, straw, vase, yeast

    Nearly 4,000 years ago, a Sumerian poet put these words into the mouth of the goddes Inanna, who rules both heaven and earth and was as delighted as any mortal by the experience of drinking beer.

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    Simplicissimus was a satirical German weekly magazine started by Albert Langen in April 1896 and published until 1967, with a hiatus from 1944-1954. It became a biweekly in 1964.

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