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    espresso, expresso, crema, coffee, caffeine

    The next major step in the transformation of roasted beans into a cup of espresso is the extraction of the active components in the roasted and ground coffee by heated water.

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    Ottoman empire, coffee house, cafe, 16th century, art, Turkey

    The intense controversy provoked by the growth of coffee consumption throughout the Ottoman empire became one of the intellectual and literary obsessions of the sixteenth century.

    Originally published in Cannabis Culture Magazine issue CC51, Oct/Nov 2004

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    To be able to join the pantheon of specialty coffees, the fundamentals of a new coffee's taste must be sound, and preferably distinctive. It should certainly have no harsh flavours, no 'off' notes.

    Popular Mechanics describes hemp as the new billion dollar crop. The article was actually written in the spring of 1937, before cannabis was criminalized.


    Ayahuasca is a preparation of at least two plants: from the ayahuasca liana (banisteriopsis caapi [Spruce ex Grieb.] monton, syn.