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The party pills known as ecstasy among those who partake are characterized as a "love drug" in the media. The popular name "ecstasy" is based on the emotional effects of the synthetic drug.

Epimedium Flower

Epimedium, a nutritive herb and aphrodisiac, also has multiple benefits. It increases sexual potency and sexual fluids as well as boosts libido, treats impotence, and relieves fatigue.

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Let me summarize the biological basis of female food cravings. We crave specific foods because of:

  1. our body's survival instinct - store, store, store
Damiana Flowers

Damiana is principally a tonic tea which has long been used by the Mexicans who call it hierba de la pastora.

Nepal Hashish Shop

In Nepal, hemp is often drunk in the form of bhang. The shamans of the Himalayas drink bhang in order to induce the states of trance or ecstasy that they require for their healing rituals.

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Only hemp is explicitly represented as an aphrodisiac in art. Its significance as an aphrodisiac is justified by a Hindu myth.

Dragees Nyrdahl Ibogene

Chemically, ibogaine is closely related to the B-carbolines, and particularly to harmaline and harmine. It belongs to the group of cyclic tryptamine derivatives.


Viva chocolate and whoever invented it!
Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793), from La concersazione

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Interestingly, it has been established that theobromine exerts a pronounced aphordisiacal effect on hornets. When given 5-10 mcg of theobromine daily in 30% sucrose solution.

Kava Ceremony, Phytotherapy

Image of a kava ceremony in the South Pacific, by DMSCVan, as contributed to the Creative Commons on Flickr.com.

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