Kava Kava

The root pulp and lower stems of the perennial shrub Piper methysticum from the Hawaiian and South Pacific Islands. The islanders prepare from it a pleasant and harmless narcotic beverage.

kava kava

Kava is one of the most important stimulants in Polynesia, where it is appreciated for its euphoric and aphrodisiac effects.

Damiana #1

In Indian medicine, damiana is used primarily in the treatment of asthma. This use is reflected in the Mayan name mis kok, "asthma broom,"for the plant "sweeps away"the illness.

Maca Root (Red)

What would you say to an herb with over 1,000 years of safe use, which is proven to enhance libido and sexual function?

Mandragora officinarum

Mandragora officinarum

Alex Grey, visionary art, Ann Shulgin, Alexander Shulgin, Sasha Shulgin

Image: Ann & Sasha Shulgin by Alex Grey, retrieved from Terra Igcognito.


Cubeb Pepper


Label reads:

Constituents: Each tablet contains Cannabin T-N Representing 1-2 Gr. Cannabis Powder...

chocolate, coffee, coffee bean

While caffeine is a potent stimulant of the central nervous system, its relative theobromine shows little such stimulation.


Culturally, the poppy is considered one of the most significant plants with a long history.

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