Anadamide (= arachidonylethanolamide)- the name is derived from the Sanskrit word ananda, “bliss”- binds to the THC receptors in the brain and is the endogenous THC analog, even though the inner struc

Anandamide & THC

"A neurotransmitter called anadamide (n-arachidonoylethanolamine) was isolated in chocolate by neuroscientist Daniel Piomelli in 1996.

Beta- Phenethylamine

Beta- Phenethylamines

Other names: B-phenethylamines, PEAs, 2-phenethylamines

Cacao beans contain 18% protein, 565 lipids (fat), 13.5% carbohydrates, 1.45% theobrommine, 0.05% caffeine and 5% tannin (Montignac 1996, 203).

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What does the cacao bean contain?

Plants Containing Caffeine


Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, molecule

Caffeine isn't the only methylxanthine consumed by humans--it's just the most famous. Coffee and tea also contain very small amounts of a methylxanthine called theophylline.

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So chocolate candy has significant nutritional value and cocoa, properly prepared, is among the most nutritious of foods - this much will by now grudgingly be conceded by even the staunchest of critic


But long before the good lady ever raised a cup of chocolate to her lips cocoa had existed - or rather cacahuaquchtl, a tree four to ten metres tall growing in the virgin forests of Yucatan and

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