Parke Davis Cocaine Injection Kit

Freud credits Dr. Bentley's report in the Detroit Therapeutic Gazette with demonstrating the use of cocaine as a treatment for morphine and alcohol addiction.

Protonuclien "stimulates the nutritive functions, increases resistance to disease, promotes glandular secretion, restores tone to the system ;

Robinson Cocaine Hydrochlorate

Chemistry and Extraction of Cocaine

Robinson Cocaine Hydrochloride

Cocaine Hydrochloride (Cocaine muriate)

Medical Use
Surface Anesthetic only.
Dose: Cornea 1 to 4 %. Nose and throat 10 to 20%.

Squibb & Sons Cocaine Hydrochlorate

"The nature of alkaloids was not understood until the early part of the nineteenth century, and the term itself was not coined until 1821.

Crystal Meth.jpg

A substance that increases activity in the body and nervous system.

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The Black Candle

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Chocolate, High Times, 1975

Nineteenth-century America has oft been called "a dope fiend's paradise," owing to the fact that opium, morphine, cocaine, cannabis extract nitrous oxide and various other neo-taboo highs were then fr

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