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"Most Brazilians, after a heavy meal or drinking bout, know how to help themselves the natural way - they drink a cup of Jurubeba tea.


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kava kava

Kava is one of the most important stimulants in Polynesia, where it is appreciated for its euphoric and aphrodisiac effects.


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Alexander Shulgin

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Edwin Landseer, Scene from A Midsummer Nighs Dream, Titania and Bottom

The people of today, who largely shield themselves from nature, find it difficult to comprehend the ecstasy of midsummer, of being unconditionally swept along with the natural occurrences.

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by Andrew Weil, M.D.

I'm interested in the way cultural bias engulfs science, because scientists love to think of themselves as being free from bias. They like to think they're describing objective reality, yet they wear cultural lenses like the rest of us. In the areas of greatest emotional charge--food, sex, drugs--it's easy to see how pervasive cultural biases affect their thinking.


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