Herbs (general)


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Morpheus, god of dreams, opium, river of forgetfulness, ancient greek

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parsley (petroselinum crispum or hortense)

The best known of all herbs, parsley, a biennial, has been grown all over the world for thousands of years, although

nutmeg, seed, tree, spice

The nutmeg production in Banda has long since been eclipsed by production in Grenada, in the Carribean. Its importance as a spice and a preservative continue to guarantee an ongoing demand.

Rue Herb

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coyote, tobacco, wild

Wild Tobacco is apparently not known by contemporary Thompson people.


As much as the medicinal plants were honored by the people who used them, so were they demonized by the Church; in fact, the demonization of certain natural medicines can still be observed today.

hiuchol, peyote

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