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Dr. Egozcue explained to me some of the other implications of broken chromosomes.

Roland TB-303

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LSD, ego

A. The Scientific Answer:

The question "Who am I?" can be answered at many levels. Psychologists can describe and explain your psychogenesis and personal evolution. Sociologists and anthropologists can explain the structure of the tribal games which govern your development. Biologists can describe your unique physical structure. But the essence of you and "you-ness" is your consciousness.

island by aldous huxley

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Religious Experience

Here, then, we have five scientific studies by qualified investigators--the four naturalistic studies by Leary et al.,3 Savage et al.,4 Ditman et al.,5 and Janiger-McGlothlin,6 and the triple-blind study in the Harvard dissertation mentioned earlier--yielding data which indicate that (1) if the setting is supportive but not spiritual, between 40 to 75 percent of psychedelic subjects will report an intense and life-changing religious experiences; and that (2) if the set and setting are supportive and spiritual, then from 40 to 90 percent of the experience will be revelatory and mystico-religious.

From Dr. Albert Hofmann to You -
How Western Civilization Got High Again, One Head at a Time

By Peter Stafford and Bruce Eisner
High Times Magazine October 1977

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