Mushrooms vs Heavy Metals and Cesium

The following images depict a chart with a partial list of mushrooms that absorb heavy metals and cesium from the environment, as well as the mushrooms named in the list that are hyperaccumulators of

Mushrooms with Activity Against Specific Cancers

For the past 30 years, researchers have studied mushrooms' effectiveness against cancer. Some of their findings are summarized below.

Mushrooms with Direct Antiviral Activity

Mushrooms that Prevent and Heal Viral Disease

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ectomycorrhizal root-tips

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Beauveria bassiana and Dead Bed Bug

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – "And don't let the bedbugs bite" is no longer a harmless adage. In reality today, these bloodthirsty bugs infest thousands of homes.

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" Pleurotus gets its common name, oyster mushroom, from its oyster-shaped fruiting body.

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