Non-Psychoactive Botanicals

bearberry, kennikinnick, stoneberry, mealberry, mountain tobbacco

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Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (common berry)

Blackberry Tincture

Bottle reads Astringent & Tonic .

Find out more about the medicinal uses of Blackberry .

blue flag, newfoundland, manitoba

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Borago officinalis

Borago officinalis

Bulgarian Herbal Tablets

For Constipation, Sick Headache......and will help to tone and improve the blood

Burdock, Plant, herb, emollient

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California Fig Syrup1

Figs, Ficus carica L. [Fam. Moraceae], are the fruit of a small bush or tree native to Persia, Asia Minor, and Syria.

Cassia & Cinnamon Oil

Cassia -Bark- B.P.C.
Chinese Cinnamon

  • From Cinnaamomum Cassia, Blume, Laurineae [sic].
  • Habitat: China.
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