Non-Psychoactive Botanicals

Echinacea, remedy, herb, plant, mouthwash tincture, antiseptic

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Damiana Flowers

Damiana is principally a tonic tea which has long been used by the Mexicans who call it hierba de la pastora.


Ginger- U.S.P. X; B.P.; Fr. Cod.

  • Dried rhizome of Zingiber officinale, Roscoe, Zingiberaceae.
French Drug Co. Complete Cold Treament

Label reads:

"10 % Alcohol
2.5 gr. Cannabis U.S.P.
4 m. Chloroform

Diagram of Solanum nigrum

Garden Nightshade
Solanum nigrum

Garfield Tea

Manufactured by the Stillman Remedies Co., 58 West 55th Street, New Work. "The Garfield Tea, Stillman's Liver and Kidney Cure, is unrivaled".

Garlic, food, herb, plant, health, anti-microbial

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Gavitt's Herb Tablets, also known as Gavitt's System Regulator Tablets, were guaranteed to cure practically every disease known to mankind, wrote Larry Jochims, a research historian at the Kansas Stat


Gentian is a bitter, astringent, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and gastric stimulant herb that reduces inflammation and lowers fevers.

It contains gentiopicroside (also known as gentiopicrin), swertiamarin and sweroside and a very small amount of amarogentin (0.084% of the dry weight but with a bitterness value of 50,000,000), which causes the bitter taste. Also present are xanthones (gentisin, isogentisin, gentioside), phytosterols, phenolic acid, trisaccharides (gentianose) and polysaccharides (pectin).

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