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Amendment to Dangerous Drugs Act 1920.

Antikamnia & Codeine Tablets

"Especially useful in Dysmenorrhoea, Utero-Ovarian Pain and pain in general caused by the suppressed or irregular menses.


Papine (Morphine Preparation) - Battle & Co., St. Louis, MO

 Bayer Aspirin and Heroin Advertisement

"[D]iacetylmorphine (to give heroin its correct chemical name) was not a new substance as such. It had originally been discovered in 1874 by an English chemist called C. R. Alder Wright.

Bayer Heroin

Photo: Bayer Heroin Bottle, produced in Elberfeld, Germany.

Benylin Expectorant with Codeine

"[T}he drug codeine. It comes in pills to relieve pain after operations or tooth extractions, in syrups to soothe coughs.

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