Pharmaceutical Companies

AM Bickford & Sons Ltd. Building Waymouth St. 1916

AM Bickford & Sons Ltd.

Drs Boericke & Tafel

The History of Boericke and Tafel

The Antecedents:

1833: J. G. Wesselhoeft opened a German/English bookstore in three locations: New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Charles E Frosst.jpg

If you've ever awakened in the morning with a pounding head or assorted other aches, Charles Frosst has probably come to your rescue.

Chicago Pharmacal Co. Cystitis Tablets Label

Chicago Pharmacal Co. Cystitis No. 7 Cannabis Tablets


Churchill Drug Co. Logo.jpeg

A merger of the C.P. Squires & Company and Reynolds & Churchill

Cole's Derfule Ink Blotter

Advertisement promising Doctors relief for ... "FLU" patients.

Listed Ingredients:

  • Powder of Ipecac
  • Pharma, pills, pharmaceuticals

    Clinical research organizations are a very new phenomenon. Thirty years ago, hardly any existed: Now there are hundreds, with a global revenue of $20 billion in 2010, representing about a third of all pharma R&D spending.9 They conduct the majority of clinical research trials on behalf of industry, and in 2008 CROs ran more than 9,000 trials, with over two million participants, in 115 countries around the world.

    Warehouse of Evans Sons, Lescher and Webb Ltd 1891.jpg

    Evans Sons, Lescher and Webb

    Grimault's Cigarettes of Cannabis Indica

    Various advertisements that appeared in newspapers promoting Grimault's Cigarettes of Cannabis Indica for the relief of/cure for asthma.

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