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Indigenous peoples on several continents have discovered how to make potent arrow poisons from plants.

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Image: Ketamine powder.
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Ketamine-induced ulcerative cystitis

Lilly Cannabis Sativa Fluid Extract

Eli Lilly Cannabis Fluid Extract

Full Label of Same Extract (No. 96) reads:


Eli Lilly Cannabis Sativa Tincture No.17

Current evidence suggests that systemic administration of

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J. L. Hopkins & Co. Indian Cannabis (Cannabis Indica) Box

Cannabis Medicine Distributors

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Image: Effect of ketamine vs. psychosis on the prediction error response. Retrieved from Cambridge Neuroscience: Dr.

Lady's Slipper

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Medical Dictionary:

  • Anodyne
    1. relieving pain.
    2. a medicine that eases pain.
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    All drugs in the opiate class act on opiate receptors in the brain. They mediate relief from pain and produce feelings of euphoria.

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