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Coca plant and chemical structure of cocaine

ScienceDaily (June 6, 2012)

Dragees Nyrdahl Ibogene

Chemically, ibogaine is closely related to the B-carbolines, and particularly to harmaline and harmine. It belongs to the group of cyclic tryptamine derivatives.


Viva chocolate and whoever invented it!
Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793), from La concersazione

chocolate, love, jean harlow

Interestingly, it has been established that theobromine exerts a pronounced aphordisiacal effect on hornets. When given 5-10 mcg of theobromine daily in 30% sucrose solution.


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Pietro Longhi, chocolate, La cioccolata del mattino

Five hears ago, hoping to kick a chocolate habit that was significantly affecting my life, I enrolled in a program at the Shick Center for the Control of Smoking, Alcoholism, and Overeating, in Los An


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Fear, Noel le Mire, eighteenth-century, French, engraving

During the years of Napoleon and the Restoration, a legal magistrate named Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin rose high in his profession while in every spare minute he worked passionately at his avocatio

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