Synthetic Drugs

Otto Ambros

Photo: : Otto Ambrose of I.G. Farben at Nuremberg, being sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment for "slavery and mass murder".

Mary Henley-Collopy Victim of Thalidomide

From 60 Minutes Australia's Website

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

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Amytal Sodium #1

Amytal Sodium
generic name Amobarbital Sodium

Aphco Hemorrhoidal Ointment

"For the relief of discomfort of piles and similar rectal conditions. "

Active Ingredients:

  • Benzocaine (Ethyl Aminobenzoate):
      Medical Use: Local Anesthetic.
 Bayer Aspirin and Heroin Advertisement

"[D]iacetylmorphine (to give heroin its correct chemical name) was not a new substance as such. It had originally been discovered in 1874 by an English chemist called C. R. Alder Wright.

Bayer Aspirin Tin

An example of a Bayer's Aspirin Tin

For more on the history of Aspirin, refer to

Bayer Heroin

Photo: Bayer Heroin Bottle, produced in Elberfeld, Germany.

Bayer Aspirin Bottle


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