60 Minutes Exposes Nazi History of Grünenthal, the Company Behind Thalidomide

From 60 Minutes Australia's Website

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

It was the greatest medical tragedy of all time — a so-called wonder drug for pregnant women that devastated thousands of lives.

Thalidomide was developed by German pharmaceutical giant Grunenthal in the 1950s and sold in millions of doses to an unsuspecting world. No one knows just how many babies died. But those that did survive suffered horrific birth defects.

This week brought dramatic developments in a story we've been following for months. And on Sunday night, in a special investigation, we reveal chilling details about the origins and creators of this evil drug.

Watch the 14 minute video:

Bitter Pill

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Mary Henley-Collopy Victim of Thalidomide