The Antique Cannabis Book

The Antique Cannabis Book
A Price Guide for Antique Cannabis Medicines
Dedicated to the Memory of Senator/Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey

There's a great deal of wisdom that can be attributed to that quotation, which while attributed to the notorious Chicago underworld chieftain Al Capone, may as well have come to us from the head of the Federal Reserve. For given a demand (for anything), some entrepreneur will always come along and fill that demand, even if (as in the case of antiques), they have to manufacture their own products to do so.

This then is why it is most important for the antique dealer, as well as the collector, to have an instinctive knowledge of Cannabis, its time lines and associated uses. This, I have found, second only to knowing the actual history of the object in question, is the key to protecting oneself against the possibility of forgeries. Knowledge, after all, truly is power.

Senator Hubert H. Humphrey