Aphco Hemorrhoidal Ointment

"For the relief of discomfort of piles and similar rectal conditions. "

Active Ingredients:

  • Benzocaine (Ethyl Aminobenzoate):
      Medical Use: Local Anesthetic.
  • Bismuth Subgallate:
      Medical Use: Has been employed internally in gastroenteritis and externally as dusting powder to allay dermal irritation
  • Bismuth Oxyiodide:
      Medical Use: Formally used as local antiseptic and substitute for iodoform
  • Bismuth Resorcin Sulfonate
  • Peruvian Balsam:
      Medical Use: Has been used topically as stimulant for indolent wounds and ulcers and as scabicide. Component of rectal suppositories employed for analgesic effect in proctitis and hemorrhoids.
  • Zinc Oxide:
      Medical Use: Externally as a mild astringent, antiseptic and protective in skin diseases.
  • Boric Acid:
      Medical Use: Has been employed topically as bactericide and fungicide.

-from The Merck Index (Seventh Edition) 1960

Aphco Hemorrhoidal Ointment