Cannabis in Phytanthoza Iconographia (1735-1745)

Cannabis Sativa
Plate - N. 299
from Phytanthoza Iconographia
by Johann Wilhelm Weinmann

Hand-Colored Botanical Engraved & Mezzotint Plate Lovely Folio Hand-Colored Engraved Botanical, approx. 9 1/2" x 15 1/2".

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann hand-colored engraved & mezzotint plates from Phytanthoza Iconographia (1735-45) were the first botanical prints to use the color-printed mezzotint process successfully. Printed in color and finished by hand. This work represents a major advance in botanical illustration. Several hundred of the illustrations were drawn by Georg Dioysius Ehret, the balance by Johann Wilhelm Weinmann. Then engraved by Bartholomaus Seuter, Johann Ridinger, and Johann Jakob Haid.

The black and white image is the cover page of the Phytanthoza Iconographia. This image courtesy of and retrieved on 02/09/2011.

Cannabis in Phytanthoza Iconographia (1735-45)
Cover Page, Phytanthoza Iconographia by Johann Wilhelm Weinmann 1739