'Cannabis Protectio' Porticos on Via dell'Indipendenza (Bologna, Italy)

"Central Bologna's main thoroughfare, Via dell'Indipendenza was created in 1888 to link the railway station, Bologna Centrale, with Piazza Maggiore. Sadly, many older buildings were razed in the process, but it gave architects of the time an opportunity to erect larger and more modern buildings along the wide avenue. Fortunately, the character of the city was preserved, for the entire avenue is lined with arcades, in keeping with the bolognese practice. In addition, traditional bolognese architecture was revived in numerous buildings, which have made abundant use of Gothic-Renaissance style motifs, red bricks and terracotta."
- Things to do in Bologna (Italy) (Aug 1, 2009)

"The Roman physician Claudius Galen (131 - 201 C.E.) is regarded as the most important medical figure of antiquity. Galen laid the foundation for a purely organically based medicine... Galen studied medicine in Smyrna (Izmir), Corinth, and Alexandria and collected medicinal plants and experiences during his travels to Syria, Phoenicia, Palestine, and Cyprus. It has been claimed that Galen wrote over five hundred medicinal and philosophical texts, although barely one-tenth of these have survived. Much of what he said is only known from the secondary literature of late antiquity. Galen was an admirer or Hippocrates who described himself as an eclectic.
Aside from its purely medicinal use, which can be traced back to Dioscorides, Galen was the first to describe the hedonistic use of hemp. He compared it to the chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus), the sacred tree of Hera, which has a very similar appearance. Hemp seeds, however, were said to be difficult to digest or even ingestible, bad for the stomach, and able to produce headaches. The "seeds dispel the wind from the lower abdomen and dry the user to such an extent that- when eaten in excess- sexuality is extinguished. Some squeeze the juice from the green seeds and use it as a remedy to treat pains caused by blockages of the ear". He wrote that in Italy is was customary to serve small cakes containing marijuana for dessert. These increased the desire to drink; excessive use, however, had stupefying effects. Offering hemp to guests w as considered a sign of good manners, for it was considered a "promoter of high spirits".
Following Galen, most medical authors characterized hemp as a remedy for earaches and attributed desiccant properties to the male seeds. Nothing new would be added until the Late Roman period, when Pseudo Apuleius would note that an ointment made from hemp herbage and fat could cause a swelling or enlargement of the breast to subside and that a mixture of crushed hemp seeds and nettle seeds (Urtica sp.) in vinegar was useful in treating herpes. The use of hemp to treat ear ailments is also described by Marcellus Empiricus (De Medicamentis 9.27/9.77-8) who, in another volume, added a medicinal-magical treatment for worms (Treating worms was very important in the militaristic and imperialistic Roman culture) using hemp root:

Tie the hemp root to your right arm : it is preferable that the entire arm be wrapped around with this root; if you have only a small amount on hand, then you hang it around your neck with a threat from a weaving loom. In order to show you how strong this remedy is, when you utilize the root in the manner described, the flow of blood will immediately come to a stop. But when you untie and remove the root, the blood with flow again. (De Medicamentis 10.82)

- pp. 91- 92, Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and VIsionary Powers of Cannabis by Christian R├Ątsch (1998)

photo from: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2616/3689919940_4037940c30.jpg

Cannabis Protection


Medication using herbs are really one of the natural way to treat wounds and diseases. The author of the post explained very well the use of hemp. An herb which can be used for treating wounds and its effectiveness when used.

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