Cocaine "Asthma Specific"

"Asthma is an exceedingly unfortunate affliction which may exhibit no local signs between the attacks. It is occasioned by a spasm of the minute tubes set up reflexly either by trouble in the upper air passage, or wholly from a nervous influence, and an attack is often precipitated by worry or some unusual strain. The source of trouble is well prevented by the judicious use of Coca, not only acting beneficially upon the mucous membrane, but through a sedative influence upon nervous tissue and as a tonic support to the muscular system generally.
A cough may have its seat in the trachea, the explosive manifestation being an effort to clear the tract of some foreign membrane or the excessive secretion from its congestion. The deeper such a trouble is carried along the respiratory tract that more serious it is, whether a bronchitis - affecting only the larger tubes, or a more profound catarrh of the smaller ones- or a congestion of the air vesicles themselves, when their capacity is encroached upon by the products thrown out by the inflammation, as in pneumonia. In phthisis so destructive is the prolonged consuming congestion that several of these air cells may be broken together and coalesce as one cavity."

-p. 457, The History of Coca: The Divine Plant of the Incas by W. Golden Mortimer, M.D. (1974)

"A writer in the Centralblatt für Klinische Medicine thus summarizes the therapeutic application of cocaine.

1) As a stimulant if one wishes to do extra physical mental work.
2) In gastric indigestion.
3) In the cachexiae.
4) In combating the effects of morphine and alcohol.
5) In asthma.
6) As an aphrodisiac.
7) As a local anesthetic."

-p 129, Cocaine Papers by Sigmund Freud, edited by Robert Byck, M.D. and Anna Freud (1974)

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