Crema de Damiana

In Mexico, a commercial damiana liqueur is bottled in containers in thee shape of a female torso, an adverisement for aphrodisiac effects of the drink.
In Indian medicine damiana is used primary tin the treatment of asthma. This use is reflected in the Mayan name mis kock "asthma broom", fopr the plant "sweeps away" the illness. When used for this purpose, the herbage can be drujnk as a tea, burned as a fumigant, or smoked. In Mexican folk medicine, damiana tea is drunk twice a day for fifteen days as a diuretic and to regulate the menstrual cycle. The Indians of northern Mexico use the plant primarily to treat muscle weakness and nervousness and , of course, as an aphrodisiac. Damiana is also used in Northern Mexico to treat stomach problems, rheumatism, headaches and scorpion stings. A variety of different preparations are drunk to treat smoker's cough.
In the Bahamas, the steam produced when damiana herbage is boiled in water is inhaled to treat headaches. Bed wetters a damiana tea in the morning for three or four consecutive days " to strengthen their backs". In phytotherapy, damiana has ben found to be especially effective in treating menstrual cramps, as it is not only has antispasmodic properties but also improves the mood. - page 521, The Encyclopdia of Psychoactive Plants: Enthopharmacology and Its Applications by Christian Ratsch (1998)

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