Cubeb (Piper Cubeba)

Cubeb, N. F. (Piper Cubeba)

  • Habitat: Native of Indonesia. Fruits are largely imported for use in Unani medicine. Cultivated in Assam and Karnataka.
  • Dose: Powder 1- 3 grams
  • Classical use: Charaka and Sushruta perscribed a paste of the fruite of a mouthwash, or dried fruits internally for oral and dental diseases, loss of voice, halitosis, fevers, cough.
    According to Raaja Nighantu, Kankola [an ayurvedic word for cubebs] is stimulate, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, deobstruent.
    Unani physicians use a paste of the fruit externally on male and female genital organs to intensify the sexual pleasure during coitus. Due to this attributed property cubebs were called "Habb-ul-Urrus". They perscribed the drug for its stimulating and irritating properties which provide a psychological euphoria and a false feeling of confidence. - page 366, Indian Herbal Remedies by C. P. Khare (2004)
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