DMT: The Businessman's Trip

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"DMT and 5-Me0-DMT are remarkably rapid in onset and brief in duration. We gave DMT through a vein, or intravenously, in which case volunteers felt it within several heartbeats. They were "highest" at 1 to 2 minutes and "back to normal" within 20 to 30 minutes.
LSD, mescaline, and ibogaine are longer-acting. Effects begin in 30 to 60 minutes after swallowing them. The effects of LSD and mescaline may last 12 hours, ibogaine up to 24 hours. Psilocybin effects are slightly shorter; they begin within 30 minutes and last 4 to 6 hours." (38)

"It was difficult for DMT to shake its frightening reputation, even after Leary's later positive descriptions of its effects. DMT did see some popularity among those who appreciatd its short duration. Some bold individuals thought it possible to take DMT during lunch, and so it gained the dubious nickname, "businessman's trip"." (47- 48)

- excerpts from DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman (2001)

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