Dr. R. Schiffmann's Asthmador Cigarettes

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  • Datura: "Datura Stramonium and datura metel L. have largely similar medicinal uses throughout the world. The most widely known use of Datura stramonium and of other Datura species is for relieving asthma, cough, tuberculosis and bronchitis by smoking the dried leaves, roots or flowers. 'Asthma cigarettes' have been shown to be very effective in some cases, but in other cases they had little or no effect. Cigarettes made with the leaves are also used to treat Parkinson's disease. A decoction or infusion of leaves is given as a sedative to mental and schizophrenic patients. The leaves are applied as a dressing to cure rheumatic pain, swellings, wounds, gout, burns, ingrown toe-nails, fungal infections, tumours and ulcers. Dried pulverized leaves are dusted on wounds or applied after mixing the powder with fat or Vaseline."

    - p. 222, Plant Resources of Tropical Africa 11(1): Medicinal plants 1, Edited by G.H. Schmelzer & A. Gurib-Fakim for the PROTA Foundation (2008)

  • Belladonna: "In "essential" asthma, i.e. that unaccompanied by any appreciatable organic change of the heart or lungs, except sometimes pulmonary emphysema, and which is sometimes entirely intermittent, some advantage is obtained by giving belladonna internally; but these good results cannot be compared with those derived from smoking the dried leaf mixed with tobacco or alone. We have twice seen intermittent dyspneas, which had lasted long, and returned every night with discouraging obstinacy, completely yield to the smoking of belladonna or stramonium. We have often produced an improvement, though not as a perfect cure, which no other remedy had obtained."
  • - p.247, Treatise on therapeutics by Armand Trousseau & Herman Pidoux (1880)

    "Stramonium Cigarettes Helpful In Asthma
    British Medical Journal
    August 15, 1959

    For about 150 years Europeans have inhaled smoke from burning stramonium leaves to relieve asthmatic attacks.

    Now a noted allergist reports in the British Medical Journal that results of controlled studies leave no doubt that inhaling stramonium (atropine*) smoke has a beneficial effect on the function of the lungs in bronchial obstruction.

    The results indicate that smoking stramonium cigarettes has a definite place in the treatment of asthma, increasing the vital capacity and giving a feeling of relief, without many unpleasant side effects. In many cases during the controlled study the patients voluntarily commented on their increased ease of breathing.

    Stramonium cigarettes have been manufactured by R. Schiffmann Co. for more than 80 years and have been available without prescription in every drug store throughout the U.S. and Canada under the name of ASTHMADOR. These cigarettes contain no tobacco and are not habit forming.

    ASTHMADOR is also sold in pipe mixture or as aromatic incense powder. Sufferers from bronchial asthma will almost invariably find relief, as indicated in this report."
    - p. 100, Life Magazine (August 39, 1960)

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