Dragees Cocaine Throat Lozenges - Antiseptiques au Menthol

For "Affections de la Gorge"

"The direct influence of Coca upon the mucous membrane of the larnyx long since gave it importance as a tensor of the vocal cords, and in throat troubles generally it has received a wide application among professional singers and speakers. It is used as a tonic to the mucous membrane and to render tone more clear, giving an improved quality to the upper voice, as well as to sustain tone. Several correspondents report the beneficial action of Coca in aphonia, a result that has been attributed to the general improvement of health following its use." (pp. 452- 453)

"Perhaps greater prominence has been given [to] Coca preparations for the treatment of such functional derangements of the throat and vice than its application to any other use. Years before cocaine came into general utility Dr. Charles Fauvel, of Paris, directed attention to the importance of Coca for laryngeal troubles, while its use was speedily advanced in England by Dr. Morell Mackenzie and in the United States by Dr. Louis Elsberg, the father of American laryngology. Both of these gentlemen were in the clinic of Fauvel, and their methods were soon adopted by a host of skillful workers. Among those quoted as having used Coca successfully in laryngeal troubles are Lennox Browne, Beverely Robinson, Jarvis, H. H. Curtis, E. Fletcher Ingals, Solis Cohen, Sajous, Bosworth, Rice, and a host of other prominent laryngologists. As has been shown, however, the effect of Coca is not in any sense merely a local one, but systemic, and its benefit is wholly dissimilar to that resulting from the topical application of cocaine, for Coca not only acts as a purifier of the blood, but through this influence as a nerve and muscle tonic. This is exhibited through the empirical use of Coca long resorted to in mountain climbing." (p. 460)

- excerpts from History of Coca: The Divine Plant of the Incas by W. Golden Mortimer, M.D. (1974)

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