Brunsfels mentions... two additional reciped that were clearly indigenous in origin:

Hemp seeds boiled in milk and drunk when quite warm/ stop and dispel the hot, oppressive cough.
For the cramps in the abdomen take hemp seeds, as much as you wish/ wash off the dust with water/ pour good white wine over them/ and boil until the grains burst/ after this make a milk out of it/ of this take a warm draught / so it will soothe the painful days/ but you should not do this only once/ but again and for a third time.

The most important new information is contained in the German edition of Matthiolous's work from 1627: "The women/who fall down from cramps in the womb/ should have burning hemp held to the nose/ then they will soon stand once more" (p. 316). A similar description was recorded by Tabernaemontanus, whose Kräuterbuch (Herbal Book) is among the most comprehensive of its kind: "Those women who have cramps in the womb/ for them hemp should be burned/ and held to the nose" (1731:937). To my knowledge, this is the first written mention of medicinal hemp smoking in the German literature.

- p. 114, Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and VIsionary Powers of Cannabis by Christian Rätsch (1998)

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