Eli Lilly & Co. Aloin, Strychnine, Belladonna & Ipecac


  • Action: Cathartic.
  • Uses: Chronic constipation, especially when complicated with hemorrhoids.
  • Veterinary Uses: Cathartic in Dogs.
  • Produced by Merck Laboratories.

p. 59


Belladonna Leaves

  • Action: Diuretic; Nervine; Narcotic; Sedation; Antispasmic; Anodyne.
  • Uses (Internal): Pain, asthma, nervous cough, urinary incontinence, nights sweats. Antidote to morphine or opium.
  • Uses (External): Rigid ostium of uterus, neuralgic, rheumatism etc.

p. 108


  • Action: Emetic; Expector; Antidysenteric; Diaphoresis; Vascular Sedative.
  • Uses: Emetic in poisoning, croup, etc; bronchitis, coughs, pulmonary hemorrhage, hiccough, whooping -couch; amebic dysentary, hepatitis, typhoid.

p. 274

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- from Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

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