Hasheesh Candy Advertisement - Good Samaritan and Domestic Physician, Albany NY (1860s-70s)

Image and text retrieved from Chris Bennett.

"So here it is, the promised full page version of what is the best Hasheesh candy add of the 19th century, which I just now received in the mail. It contains some incredible new quotes to cannabis history lore, from a 1860s issue of Good Samaritan and Domestic physician published in Albany NY, the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee we read in a full page Hasheesh Candy advertisement "I wish it was in my power to place a Dollar Box of Hasheesh candy into the pocket of every soldier, because I am convinced that it speedily relieves debility, fatigue and suffering." Also quotes from other famous Civil War Generals such as Ulysses Grant who went on to become President! I recently acquired this in a bidding war." - Chris Bennett

Cannabis Culture has also published an excellent article written by Chris about this ad and others.