K and Interlock with the External Reality

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For twenty minutes Craig jumped up and down on spread feet, bent knees, and body bent at the waist with his arms curled forward, howling like a chimpanzee. As the howling, the motions, and the posture returned to that of a human, John said to Craig, “Where did you go?”
Craig: “I went back to the beginnings of the evolution of Man. I became the predecessor of a caveman. I saw a saber-toothed tiger and howled my defiance at him. As he left I ran for a tree. I climbed it and, as I was coming out of K, I found myself sitting in the tree looking at you.”
John: “Do you want to know what you looked like out here?”
Craig: “Yes.”
John: “You looked like an epileptic having a petit mal seizure. You were staring straight ahead and acting as if you were a chimpanzee howling. I will play back the tape and let you hear how you were sounding for that period of time.”
As the sounds of Craig's cries came from the tape recorder, his face lit up and he began to laugh.
John: “You can afford to laugh. I had to stand here and listen to that and watch you, hoping that you weren't going to attack me. I would like to make a strong suggestion to you. If you ever do that again I'm going to kick you in the rear end.”
Craig: “Ah, come on, Doc, don't take it so seriously. Let's find out what we can about this. It looks as if automatisms can take place under the influence of K. Just before I went under, I decided on the regression program back to the beginnings of Man. It was a very interesting domain which I’ve explored before with other chemical agents in me. Apparently we have primitive primate programs buried in our central nervous system. We can activate these in special states of being. The question is whether we are creating these from our own fantasies or whether they are really built into the brain. This is a fascinating puzzle.”
Craig had injected 100 milligrams of K before this experience started. John and Craig agreed that he had passed through the i.r. threshold and the e.t.r. threshold but had stopped short of the network threshold. This decision was based on the fact that he maintained an individuality, that he had not been immersed in the creative network, becoming a “We” rather that an “I.” Craig described his surroundings during the experience as the surface of the planet Earth something on the order of six million years ago. In the experience judgment was that he was an organism of the primate series which had preceded the evolution of humans as we know them.
The series of joint experiments then continued with Craig in the tank and John as safety man. Thus they discovered the most dangerous aspect of K exploration.
As both Craig and John began to realize, during the period from the injection to the immersion in the internal reality (i.r.) at the higher dosages, it was imperative that there be controls on the body. The safest place to make these transitions was in the tank in a preprogamming leading to bodily immobility. The excitation of motor mechanisms within the brain tended to persist beyond the point at which the observer could control them. The brain “went on automatic” and the observer lost control of it under these particular circumstances. They agreed that there was a dangerous disengagement of the self from the bodily control systems, and the bodily control systems persisted in actions which they were taking before disengagement took place.
In Craig and John's mutual explorations, they arrived at formulation of the first danger of K: At certain critical doses and certain critical concentrations of K in the brain, the subcortical systems continue their automatic activities out of contact with the observer in the brain. Do not ever get caught without a safety man when exploring this domain. Restrain such experiments to the isolation tank with a safety man present. (In later years, reviewing the happenings of that crucial year, John came to call these directions he and Craig had worked out the First Prime Directive.)...
...”Somehow I am being programmed by sources far greater than the human. In my old terminology, super-self metaprogramming is taking place. I am doing these experiments at the behest of someone or something far greater than I or the human species. Whoever they are, they want to do these experiments.
”They seem to be the two Beings that I met early in the series, some sort of teachers or guides who are insisting that I pursue this particular mission.”
About this time Toni became aware of changes beginning in John. She found that he was spending less and less time with her and more time in the isolation facility on his experiments. He was becoming less available for their dyadic joint life together.
Meanwhile John was having difficulties obtaining sufficient K. He had several sources; one of these became aware of the fairly large amounts that he was requesting. This source refused to give him any more. He found other sources and continued the work.
The new belief system of being programmed by suprahuman entities became his primary motivation. He had given himself so many injections that the pattern of giving the injections had become automatic. While still immersed in the i.r., he could give himself an additional dose to penetrate into the deeper regions. The injection process had become an automatism no longer needing his conscious control of what the body did. Long ago he had abandoned his and Craig's First Prime Directive.
He entered into a new, far more dangerous phase of his exploration and his new mission.

pp. 171-176 The Scientist by John C. Lilly, M.D. (1978)

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