Lilly & Co Ginger Solution

Zingiber officinale

In China, the warm, pungent tang of ginger tea- made by boiling pieces of fresh ginger-root in water- has long been prescribed for colds, coughs, flu, and hangovers. The Chinese say that the tea has the power to strengthen lungs and kidneys. Tibetans use ginger to stimulate the vital energies of one who is debilitated, lethargic, or convalescing from an illness. In Japan, a ginger-oil massage is a traditional treatment for spinal and joint problems. Other herbalists have recommended hot ginger compresses and baths to relieve gout, arthritis, headaches, and spinal pain. Ginger compresses are also used in many parts of the world to relieve sinus cramps and various other aches and pains. A warm ginger footbath is said to invigorate the whole body, and a piece of cotton soaked in ginger oil is a common treatment for an earache.

- p. 373, Exotic Plants in Magic and the Medicine of Plants by Readers Digest Association (1986)

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