McKesson & Robbins Analgesic Balm


Methyl Salicylate:
Synthetic oil of Wintergreen; Oil Betula, Sweet Birch, or Teaberry.

  • From methyl A., salicylic acid... or from leaves of Gaultheria procumbens or bark of Betula lenta, by distillation.
  • Action: Antireheumatic; Antiseptic.
  • Uses (Internal): Chiefly in inflammation articular rheumatism., gonorrheic rheumatism, gout, neuralgic, pleurisy, pericarditis, scarlatina.
  • Uses (External): Easily absorbed by the skin & hence applied in quantity of 3.3 - 8 cc. to parts affected twice daily, in subacute & chronic rheumatism, the evaporation of the remedy being prevented by an air-tight bandage; also in orchitis, epididymitis & acute gonorrhea.

- p. 336

Hexahydrothymol; Methylproplyphenyl Hexahydride; Peppermint Camphor

  • Action: Analgesic; Antiseptic; Stimulant
  • Uses (Internal): Intractable vomiting of cholera, acute & chronic asthma, dyspnea, vomiting of acute dyspepsia, & hyperchlorhydria; In dyspepsia of chlorosis, phthisis, & neurasthenia, gastric crisis in tabes & in vomiting of pregnancy.
  • Uses (External): Toothache, headache, neuralgia, insect bites & prurit. By brush, tampon or atomizer in hay fever, nasal diphtheria, catarrh, asthma & chronic bronchitis; also screw worm.

- p. 320

Lanolin ointment:

    Adeps Lanae Hydrosus
  • A superior wool-fat
  • Uses: Neutral, nonirritating, permanent, emoll. & base for ointments & creams; rapidly absorbed by the skin

-p. 293

All citations from Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

McKession & Robbins Analgesic Balm