McKesson & Robbins Ergot & Cannabis Indica

Ergot- U.S.P. X; B.P.; Fr. Cod.

  • Secale Cornutum; Spurred Rye.
  • Dried sclerotium of Claviceps purpurea (Fries) Tulasne, Hypocreaceae.
  • Developed on rye plants.
  • Habitat: Europe; cultivated in Spain, Germany & France.
  • Action: Parturient; Hemostat; Emmenag. Ecbolic; Excitomotor.
  • Uses: Labor, mennorrhag., metororrhag. & other internal hemorrhages, high-sweats, whooping-cough, migraine, diabetes inspidus, paraplegia, epilepsy, chronic cerebral congestion, vesical paralysis etc.

    -pp. 216- 217, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

"In Germany, France, England, the United States, and Switzerland, numerous drugs whose main ingredient was hemp were prescribed by trained physicians from about 1845 to about 1951. Among the indications listed were: weak labor contractions, rheumatism, sleep disorders, metrorrhagy (chronic uterine bleeding not associated with menstruation), colic, cramps, cholera, asthma, lung depression, gastric neurosis, dyspepsia, migraine headahce, coughts, bronchitis, excessive milk secretions, carcinoma, difficult labor, vomiting during pregnancy, urethra deficiencies, women's disorders, gonorrhea, neurasthenia, debility, headache, tuberculosis, lung diseases, dysmenorrhea, gout, uratic diathesis, gall-heartburn, stomachache, enteritis, flatulence, nausea, lack of appetite, constipation, kidney and bladder disorders, inflammations, cystitis, eczema, whooping cough, anemia, overexertion, anxiety states, tiredness, night sweats, hardening of the arteries, dizziness, nervousness, rachitis; in short: Scientific medicine utilized cannabis as a universal remedy!"

0pp. 172- 173, THC and Analogs: Hemp in Scientific Medicine in Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis by Christian R├Ątsch (1998)

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