Parke, Davis & Co Calomel, Wintergreen Flavor

    Mercury Chloride
    Merck- Mercurous-C.P.
  • Calomel; Mild Mercury Chloride; Mercury Subchloride, or Monochloride, or Protochloride.
  • Actions: Cathartic; Alter. ; Diuretic; Antiseptic; Anthelmintic.
  • Uses: Detecting cocaine, pilocrpine, SCN, & free alkali; I; also in electrolysis as the calomel electrode.
  • Uses (Internal): constipation, incubation period of infectious disease, cholera, dysentery, cardiac dropsy, pleurisy, malign. fever, malaria, syphilis, gout, worms, cholelithiasis, mitral insufficiency, eclampsia gravidarum
  • Uses (External): smallpox pitting, pruritus, diphtheria, syphilitic ulcers, myiasis, membrane croup (by fumigation), condylomata, warts.
  • Effect of dose not in proportion to size. Small, well-triturated doses better than large coarse ones. Larger doses in proportion to age of children than w.o. medicine.
  • Caution: Keep in the dark.

    See Searle & Hereth Co. Calolactose for another Calomel based product.

-pp. 324-325, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

Wintergreen; Checkerberry; Deerberry; Boxberry; Teaberry.

  • Action: Antipyretic.; Antirheumatic.; Astringent.
  • Uses: Rheumatism; diarrhea; gout, & febrile conditions.

- p. 241, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

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Parke, Davis & Co Calomel, Wintergreen Flavor