Pot Rally at Hyde Park, London (July 16th, 1967)

"Although only a small minority of flower children smoke marijuana, they are united behind the campaign to make it legal. The campaign kicked off with a demonstration in Hyde Park recently during which 5,000 hippies milled around under the benevolent eye of the cops, who warmed them not to trample the tulip beds.
As to the next step towards making pot respectable, the campaigners forked out $5,000 for a full-page advertisement in the London Times proclaiming that "the law against marijuana is immoral in principal and unworkable in practice".
- excerpt from The Times-News, September 14, 1967 by Tom Cullen

"July 1967: A 'Legalise Pot' rally is held in London's Hyde Park; an advertisement in The Times, sponsored by SOMA, a drug research organisation, states: 'The law against marijuana is immoral in principle and unworkable in practice.' Signatories include the Beatles, RD Laing and Graham Greene."
- from 100 Years of Altered States, The Guardian Newspaper (July 21, 2002)

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