"...a scientific scandal of the first rank has been created."

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The opposition to the use of psychedelics in therapy seems to arise primarily from fear of the transforming power and intensity of the responses these drugs evoke. It has been far easier to view this power with alarm than to try to find ways of controlling it. Especially since the term "ecstasy" has been raised in connection with some of the responses to these compounds, the gloomy tradition that pleasure is offensive to God has been revived. Those experiments that seem to indicate, however vaguely, that something is amiss with a psychedelic are published without regard for their validity, and contrary evidence is ignored. Psychedelics are not a panacea, but declaring them anathema will not make them go away, and will even make the situation worse by polarizing their proponents and opponents in opposite positions of irrationality. A balanced approach that would permit proper evaluation and use of these agents has been absent, and a scientific scandal of the first rank has been created.

from Toward an Individual Psychedelic Psychotherapy, Masters and Houston, pp. 321-322, PSYCHEDELICS, by Bernard Aaronson and Humphry Osmond, Doubleday, 1970

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