Ur Dynasty Cannabis Headdress in Beaten Gold

"One of the greatest treasures of early dynastic Ur is a headdress of leaves in beaten gold and three large flowers with eight petals and a center of carnelian. The leaves are obovate with acuminate tips and may not relate to the flowers The diameter of the flowers is approximately 12 to 15 centimeters (5 to 6 inches) suggests that they may represent the water lily or perhaps the opium poppy with the carnelian being interpreted as the capsule contained within the corolla. With this headdress, found by the Wooley Expedition, was a necklace of leaves that are obovate with acuminate tips and another rank of leaves in beaten gold that strongly suggest Cannabis. Others have suggested willow (Salix) but the venation is more like that of Cannabis, as it the leaf morphology."

- from Art and Artifacts as Ethnobotanical Tools in the Ancient Near East" by W.A. Emboden Jr. in Ethnobotany- Evolution of a Discipline (1995)

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Ur Dynasty Cannabis Gold Headdress