Wyeth and Brother Cocaine Hydrochloride

Wyeth and Brother Cocaine Hydrochloride

Cocaine Hydrochloride
Synonym: Cocaini hydrochloridum I.A.

Cocaine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride of the alkaloid cocaine. It occurs in colourless, odourless, transparent crystals, having a bitter taste followed b a sensation of tingling and numbness of the tongue...

Actions and Uses: Cocaine hydrochloride is generally suitable for use in aqueous solutions, except for preparations containing silver or lead, when cocaine nitrate should be used. Freshly boiled and cooled distilled water must be use in the preparation of cocaine solutions, on account of the tendency to develop fungoid growths.... Solutions of cocaine hydrochloride (5 to 10 percent. w/v) are applied locally to mucous surfaces previous to operation. For the production of deep-seated anaesthesia [sic], local infiltration is resorted to, solution of adrenaline being commonly added to the solution to constrict the blood vessels and so reduce haemorrhage [sic]. The local anaesthesia [sic] so produced is more prolonged than with cocaine hydrochloride only, and there is less danger of rapid absorption... For infiltration anaesthesia [sic], cocaine is largely superseded by synthetic compounds such as procaine hydrochloride. Solutions may be sterilized by tyndallisation or by filtration. The containers should comply with the tests for limit of alkalinity of glass. Pessaries and suppositories of cocaine are made with the hydrochloride when rapid action is required; when prolonged action is desired, they should be made with the alkaloid.
Cocaine hydrochloride is imcompatible with borax [and] alkalis and alkali carbonates, phenol, tannic acid, mercurric oxide and soluble silver salts.

- pp. 336 - 337, The British Pharmaceutical Codex (1934)

Anaesthesia Action of Cocaine Hydrochloride by J. Grasset

The injection of 0.01 gram of cocaine hydrochloride beneath the skin of a man produces a very distinct zone of cutaneous anaesthesia, without any general phenomena and without any important after-effects. The anaesthesia lasts sufficiently long for certain surgical operations. At least 0.01 - 0.02 gram of the hydrochloride should be injected just below the region to be operated on, and the operation should begin 5 to 10 minutes after injection.

- p. 415, Journal of The Chemical Society (Great Britain), Vol. XLVIII, Part 1 (1885)

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