Eli Lilly Cannabis Sativa Fluid Extract

Eli Lilly Cannabis Fluid Extract

Full Label of Same Extract (No. 96) reads:

One Pint (475 CC.) Fluid Extract
No. 96
Cannabis, U.S.P. (Cannabis Sativa)
Contains Alcohol 80 Percent
Physiologically Standardized according to the U.S.P.
Use - Antispasmodic, Sedative and Narcotic
Average Dose - 1.5 min. (0.1 cc.)
Antidotes - Emetics to remove as much as possible.
Strong Coffee as a respiratory stimulant.
Tincture Cannabis
FL Ext. Cannabis, U.S.P.,
Eli Lilly & Company
Indianapolis U.S.A.

We transfered [Grace] to an experienced homeopathic physician there. In consultation with us, her physician prescribed the homeopathic Cannabis sativa (hemp). It is a medicine for people who feel disconnected and have out-of-body experiences whether or not they have any history of taking drugs. The type of escape by splitting off is a common survival mechanism used by children who have been sexually abused. Even when they are safe from the abuse, the personality split persists. There is also an affinity between homeopathic hemp and the urinary tract. Although it is used by practitioners in other parts of the world, this medicine is not available [everywhere] in the United States...
It has been nearly four years since... the change of medicines. Grace has suffered from only two bladder infections, each of which has been resolved by the use of Cannabis sativa. Grace was able to recover many childhood memories confirming her, and our, suspicion that she was sexually abused. The main elements of her life from which she felt disconnected and distant began to make more sense. Through twice-yearly doses of the hemp and periodic counseling all of the personalities except one were successfully integrated. She now has two personalities instead of four." - p. 248, Prozac Free: Homeopathic Alternatives to Conventional Drug Therapy by Judyth Reichenburg -Ullman, N.D., M.S.W. & Robert Ullman, N.D. 2002

Lilly Cannabis Sativa Fluid Extract
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