R.H. Macy & Co. Quinine Sulphate

Quinine Sulphate Merck

  • Action: Antipyrfetic; Antiperiodic; Antiseptic; Antizymotic; Emmenagogue; Ecbolic; Tonic; Germicide.
  • Uses (Internal): all fevers, especially intermittent & remittent; bitter tonic; pneumonia, acute articular, rheumatism, cholera, erysipelas; phthisis, scurvy, pyelitis, septicemia, vesical catarrh, chorea, chlorosis, anemia; also in amebic dysentery...; also in whooping cough.
  • Uses (External): on wounds, ulcers etc.
  • Uses (Technical): in brewing to obtain healthy yeast capable of vigorously fermenting & in photography.

    p. 435, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

  • Quinine Sulphate