Morphine Sulfate

Morphine Sulfate, produced in Ontario, Canada.

William Lyon Mackenzie King wrote the “Anti-Opium Act” of 1908 – North America's first national drug prohibition law - and (taking his own advice) helped pass this law which banned opium sales by Chinese people across Canada. The race-based monopoly worked like this: 1) Chinese people weren't allowed to become pharmacists until 1947, and 2) labels on the white pharmacists's opium bottles indicated that they were dealing in “medicinal opium” only. The fact that both labeled opium and unlabeled opium had the same effect didn't seem to matter. It's even possible that the Chinese merchants could get better quality opium than the white botanical druggists. - Vansterdam: A Psychoactive Chronology

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Morphine Sulfate from Ontario, Canada