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But although coffee enjoyed almost immediate acceptance, as tradition has it, there were some religious fanatics (this time Christian), hostile to Islam and its prophet, who denounced it as an "invention of Satan." They petitioned the Pope, asking to have coffee forbidden to Christians. It was an evil potation. the denouncers reasoned, because Muhammad had provided it as a replacement for wine and had no doubt forbidden his followers to imbibe the fermented juice of the grape because it was a Christian beverage sanctified as the blood of Christ in Holy Communion. However, when the Pope tried a steaming cup of it, so the tale goes, he thought it was such an excellent drink that he remarked, "We shall fool Satan by baptizing it and making it a truly Christian beverage."

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The next major step in the transformation of roasted beans into a cup of espresso is the extraction of the active components in the roasted and ground coffee by heated water.

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"[Another] species of coffee grown commercially around the world is C. canephora, the best-known variety of which is Robusta.

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"The most exclusive coffee in the world comes from the South Atlantic Ocean island of St. Helena situated just above the Tropic of Capricorn, midway between Africa and America.

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Cardiovascular Effects

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Nineteenth-century America has oft been called "a dope fiend's paradise," owing to the fact that opium, morphine, cocaine, cannabis extract nitrous oxide and various other neo-taboo highs were then fr

American chocolate production and consumption figures are not revealed to the public, for whatever stealthy reason. We know that the U.S.

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