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German Syrup

Boschee’s German Syrup was a common remedy for coughs, colds and consumption. It was most popular for its claim to "cure" consumption and any disease of the throat and lungs.

German Syrup2

George [Gill Green III] bought the rights to "Green's August Flower" and "Dr. Boschee's German Syrup" from his father, Lewis M. Green (1818-?), who sold the elixir under the name "L.M. Green".

German Syrup3

" A Remedy for all Diseases of the Throat & Lungs, Whooping Cough and Croup, Asthma, Pleurisy, &c"

Dr. Brutus Shiloh’s Consumption Cure

Dr. M'Munn's Celebrated Elixir of Opium

Early Bayer Heroin Bottle and Package

Heroin is made from morphine by substituting an acetyl group (COOH) on the alcohol (OH) groups at the molecule's 3 and 6 positions, thus transforming morphine into diacetylmorphine, or heroin.

Emily Hahn, opium, The Big Smoke

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From “The Big Smoke” (1950):

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