Pharmaceutical Companies

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Other conditions for which cannabis drugs were often prescribed in the late 19th century were loss of appetite, inability to sleep, migraine headache, pain, involuntary twitching, excessive coughing,

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Until the late 1920s, Sharp & Dohme had an extremely effective distribution network but very little in the way of research organization. After the company merged with H. K. Mulford & Co.

CIA Heroin Trafficking

"After a quarter century of monumental heroin abuse, the international medical community finally recognized the dangers of unrestricted heroin use, and the League of Nations began to regulate and redu

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Early in the 1950s, The National Drug Company of Philadelphia introduced Parenzyme®, a 5 mg/mL suspension of trypsin in sesame oil, not for its digestant properties, but for reduction of local inflamm

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Willows & Co Stationary

Willows & Co. Ltd. of London

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