Cannadonna Asthma Cigarettes

7.5.2 --- CANNADONNA (Asthma cigarettes):

This was a non-American brand of medical cigarettes (which is why we know so little about it). The label reads: "Obtainable from all chemist or Direct from Frid Stone M.R.S.V. Chemist. 9 Baker Pd Ashburton Tel, WM 2328 -- also gives great relief in catarrh, hay fever etc. This is the only asthma cigarette made especially to suit Australian conditions. Obtainable also for Pipe smoking. Directions: One to be smoked during attacks, a mixture of tobacco cannabis & belladonna." (No picture available) To our knowledge, it was never directly sold in North America, but some of them could have made their way in.

Excerpt from Antique Cannabis Book, Chap 7, Asthmatic Cigarettes

For more about cannabis cigarettes for asthma, see the above link, or Grimault's Cigarettes of Cannabis Indica

Image from Hash Museum, Barcelona

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Cannadonna Asthma Cigarettes