Cassia/ Cinnamon Oil

Cassia -Bark- B.P.C.
Chinese Cinnamon

  • From Cinnaamomum Cassia, Blume, Laurineae [sic].
  • Habitat: China.
  • Constituents: Volatile oil (1- 2%); tannin; sugar; mucilage; coloring matter.
  • Action: Carminative; Mild Astringent; Antiseptic.
  • Uses: As flavor; Source of Oil.

    - pp. 153 & 170, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

    "Drink one quart of cinnamon water every day. Cinnamon contains a phytochemical that helps those with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes utilize blood sugar, says Dr. Broadhurst. In the past 10 years, researchers at the USDA Beltsville Nutrient Requirements and Functions Laboratory in Maryland have tested 60 other medicinal and food plants looking for the same anti-diabetes effect.
    "Nothing has come close to the consistently excellent results of cinnamon," says Dr. Broadhurst. "Since the first report on cinnamon, hundreds of people have contacted the laboratory to say how cinnamon has helped them reduce their insulin or medication dosages."

    - p. 192, The Doctors Book of Herbal Home Remedies (2000)

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  • Cassia & Cinnamon Oil