Datura Bathtime

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These people bathe a lot, the couple learned, and apply many of their remedies in the form of washes made by steeping or boiling plant substances. The leaves of one bush with white, yellow, and violet flowers - a highly poisonous plant known to botanists as Datura metel- is a popular ingredient for various prescriptions. But Mandinkos never drink it or use it as a narcotic. They apply it to the body only as a wash or a poultice for skin diseases, and particularly in cases of breast cancer. One woman healer told Christine that she had relieved the pain of many breast cancers with it, and even claimed to have cured some. Modern medical researchers do not scoff at such statements. Recent investigations into old folklore treatments for cancer have turned up a number of plants having tumor-resistant qualities - some of them closely related to Datura metel.

From "Nature's Healing Arts" by Lonnelle Aikman page 101

Datura metel