Lilly & Co. Cascara Sagrada

Rhamnus Purshiana
Cascara Sagrada

Attention was first drawn to the virtues of this plan in 1878 by Bunday of California, and by 1883 its preparations became well known in America and Europe. Tschilzow, who tested it in experiments upon animals, found that it did not act as a purgative when administered subcutaneously or by the veins, but that, introduced into the stomach, it increased the secretions of that organ, the pancreas, and liver...
It acts usually with certainty and without causing irritation or any unpleasant symptoms; it produces semi-solid stools.

- p. 1375, The National Dispensary: Fifth Edition. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co. (1894)

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Lilly & Co. Cascara Sagrada