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An 1898 text opined of the fluid extract of cannabis (Lilly 1898, p. 32), "its anodyne power is marked in chronic metritis and dysmenorrhea."

Shoemaker (1899) reported a case of endometritis with metrotthagia, that required surgery, but in which (p. 481) "Marked relief of symptoms was afforded, however, by the administration of Indian hemp. I t relieved pain and diminished hemorrhage, and was highly valued by the patient".

Lewis (1900) observed the following (p. 251):

Dysmenorrhea, not due to anatomical or inflammatory causes, is, in my opinion, one of the principal indications for indian hemp. No other drug acts so promptly and with fewer after effects.

From my own personal observation, I am convinced that cannabis indica does exert a powerful influence on muscular contraction, particularly of the uterus.

Excerpt from Russo and Grotenhermen's (Eds.) Handbook of Cannabis Therapeutics: From Bench To Bedside, (2006, p. 327).

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